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Acne Facial Kit

Acne Facial Kit

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  1.   Cleansing 

Apply a nickel size amount of Wash Your Face Daily Cleanser to the face massaging with circular motion over forehead, temples, cheek, chin, and neck areas, completely remove with damp warm cloth for extra hydration and to help dissolve all the oils and make up. 

  1.   Tone & Examine 

This is a good time to examine your skin with a magnifying lamp to determine skin condition. To hydrate, calm and cool the skin apply the Tone It Up Hydroxy Toner.

  1.   Moisturize 

Apply a layer of the Shine Bright Vitamin C Moisturizer all over face, chin and neck; this moisturizer will balance oily complexions. 

  1.   Final Step

Follow up with Sun Protection  SPF 30, to protect  skin from the elements as they leave.  (Coming soon)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Simple and wholesome.
I love the simple ingredients listed. I have sensitive skin and finding the right product is hard.

Yasmin, CA

I was so excited to try on the product but never had the chance. I came home and used it to wash off my makeup. I was so surprised I started to laugh/cry. I told my husband this product is so amazing Because it is washing everything off! Right before bed I used it again, and Mashallah. Wallahi I don’t think I can use CerVe again. This was good for me! It lathered way better than other products, it washed off makeup and dirt so amazing that I didn’t need the second wash again, and it didn’t leave my skin dry! My husband grabbed it and said I might just use it too. So now I’ll get one for his side of the bathroom and get one for the shower. Thank you for creating all our needs in one solution.

Larry, TX

I usually leave reviews if something sucks terribly. I also don’t post selfies where I look like what I’ve been through 😜 but here I am, filterless for a product I believe in. I got really bad acne last year. So bad that I was taking oral and topical acne prescriptions, and nothing worked. I even developed dark spots where my acne was. I’ve been using the Wash Your Face cleanser and the Vitamin C moisturizer by Safiya Cosmetics for two months now and my skin is so young looking and pimple free.