About Us


Hey! It’s me, Safiya!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself, my skin, and my reason for designing and creating Safiya Cosmetics...

It all started back when I reached my teenage years. When I woke up one morning, I realized I had my first pimple. Like most teenagers, I started to panic, “Not a pimple!!” I thought to myself. Since I was 14 years old I’ve always had trouble with breakouts, pimples and acne. Hearing the repeated advice of those around me, I always anticipated my pimples would disappear as I got older, but my dear friend's acne did not go away when I reached adulthood.

It’s this moment that inspired me to create a wonderful, clean skincare line designed for adults who suffer from adult acne, larger pores, uneven skin texture, and dull looking skin. When creating Safiya Cosmetics, I looked for ingredients which were clean and come from botanical sources. My number one goal is to create products which help maintain healthy glowing skin for those who suffer from these particular issues.

During this pandemic, there are TWO things we are all doing: 1. Wearing a mask. 2. Joining a zoom meeting.  Knowing this - we need a way to care of our skin, practice self-care, and clear away acne so we can maintain a great look in our zoom sessions. MASKNE is just another unexpected effect of this pandemic, and it’s important to turn to great skincare to maintain our beautiful skin.

Your Skincare Journey Starts Here! Here at Safiya Cosmetics we plan on helping you maintain your ideal skin-care journey, and being with you every step of the way.


We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality skin care products for people who suffer from acne, large pores and uneven skin texture.

Helping you feel beautiful with natural skin care products that really work. You're worth it!


We aim to be your one stop for natural skin care; we want to make natural skin care products part of your everyday beauty routine. 


 At Safiya Cosmetics, we promote diverse beauty and honor the uniqueness of all women and girls. We know that being different makes us stronger, and we work to inspire each other and create a more beautiful world together.